Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Do you realize your decisions hurt 3rd party developers?"

So I'm the guy who now says all the stuff about Apple that everyone thinks but no one says. I didn't ask for this, but if that's what fate has dealt me, hey, who am I to question it?

Therefore I'll post questions here demonstrating Apple's problems, such as:

"Do you realize your decisions hurt 3rd party developers?"

Apple doesn't put a bunch of 3rd party apps on the Desktop and around the hard drive before you buy the computer.

This is really bad.

Why? There is a THRIVING market for 3rd party apps in the Windows market for things like PC Decrapifier. If people don't like the apps that get pre-installed on their Dells, all they have to do is know about this program, get online, Google it, download it, install it, run it, and reboot it. They're charging $5 for it, or $20 if you work on computers, like the Geek Squad.

Basically Apple is putting people out of work by not putting this stuff on their computers.

Who's the jackass now?

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The Keefe Family said...

Hey Fake Papa. It's Delaney. I looked you up on Google and found this! Cool.